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 Introduction of the Application of Japanese
Formerly the Japanese section in the application of foreign languages department established in August 2006 to enroll graduates from high school who have a Japanese basis (N4 degree and beyond) for the four-year technical program, the application of Japanese department was approved by the Ministry of Education in August 2009 in order to cultivate Japanese skills in the hospitality and tourism industry and expand the quota. This was done in the hope of educating Japanese talents through strict training in Japanese proficiency and professional Japanese in hospitality and tourism, as well as knowledge in the hospitality and tourism industry. This department hopes to help students to realize that they are employed after graduation to develop what they have learnt, and promote their practical skills, take a lead in domestic hospitality and tourism and activate the sightseeing and leisure industry. 
 The graduation standard stipulated by the department is Japanese proficiency assessment examination N1 class and higher or an equivalent class. The courses include: advanced Japanese proficiency (speaking, listening, reading, writing and translation ), professional Japanese in hospitality and tourism, a second foreign language, hospitality and tourism practice, a one year internship in Japan or domestic hospitality and tourism industry, visit and research overseas, etc.
 This department equips itself with complete classroom language equipment and a powerful team of Chinese and Japanese teachers. We are pleased to invite students who are proficient in Japanese and ambitious to work in the hospitality and tourism industry to study with us. 

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